What: Frisch H.S. Poetry Slam!

When: Tuesday, March 29, 2016, from 12:30-3:30

Theme: "Gruntled" 

Requirements: Any poetic form; 3 minute maximum! (See below for judging rubric.)


Elaboration on Theme: "Gruntled":

Frequently, poetry gives students a chance to express loneliness, social critique, angst or uncertainty. For this slam, students are challenged to express, in poetic form, the things that make them happy, the things they find beautiful, the things that make them optimistic. Instead of being disgruntled, this slam is looking for poems that are "gruntled."

Students are strongly encouraged to tackle this theme with original language and imagery. Students should challenge themselves to avoid straightforward and obvious words like "happy," "good," "beautiful," "pretty," and "love" and instead think of new ways to express themselves in the most positive ways possible.


  1. Aviva Chait, Shalhevet

  2. Tamar Yastrab, Shalhevet

  3. Amanda Leifer, Frisch

  4. Tamar Beer, Shalhevet

  5. Yohanna Weiss, SKA

  6. Joey Yudelson, SAR

  7. Tova Goldberg, SKA

  8. Evan Edelstein, Rambam Mesivta

  9. Henna Storch, SKA

  10. Etel-Leah Zeitlin, YUHSG

  11. Moses Bibi, Rambam