Kushner 2017


Topic: What Lies Beneath/Habits

Students were asked to write two poems. The first can be in any form and the topic is "The Habits We Have in Our Lives." The second is a rubaiyat with the topic of "What Lies Beneath."

“What lies beneath” was inspired by the experience students have of realizing that often we misread situations, for the good or bad; we would like you to explore this experience.
Questions you may want to consider are: How does perception influence our interpretation of events? What causes us to misread our experiences? Can we only misread something in a negative way, or can we misinterpret our experiences with a positive slant?
“The habits we have in our lives” was inspired by a reflection on how habits can be both restricting and a source of efficiency. We invite you to select a dominant habit in your life and reflect how it affects your life. A possibility you may want to consider is what your spiritual habits are and how this influences your life.


Best Poet - Ruthie Yudelson, SAR High School

Runner Up - Shira Michaeli, SAR High School

Best Free Verse Poem - Melanie Ebbin, SKA

Best Rubiyaat - Duly Rosenberg, SAR High School

Best Performance - The Frisch School