Jewish Literary Journal is Soliciting Entries for HS Issue

The Yeshiva Poetry Society and the Jewish Literary Journal are proud to announce their first international high school poetry competition!

All submissions must be Jewish in nature. Although the concept of “Jewish” is a broad and vague one, leaving this term undefined will allow for the largest breadth of material to qualify for publication. However, final say of what falls under the category of “Jewish” will remain under the purview of the competition staff.

Poem Guidelines

- There is no limit on structure, form, or content, aside from being related to Judaism or the Jewish experience
- Maximum of two poems per person

- Both poems should not be over 5 pages in total

- Only one submission per person
- Each poem must be the submitter's original work

- Previously published work is allowed

How to Submit

Submissions should be sent to, attached as a Word (.doc, .docx) document.

The subject line must state the name of the author/submitter and "High School Poetry Contest" (e.g. John Smith, High School Poetry Contest).

The body of email should state the name, grade, high-school, high-school city, and means of contact of the submitting poet.