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SAR Slam: The Stranger


What: 4th Annual SAR HS Poetry Slam!

When: Tuesday, February 16, 2016, from 12:30-3:30

Theme: "The Stranger" (See below for more information)

Requirements: Single performance and performer; any poetic form; 3 minute maximum! (See below for judging rubric)

Other: A snack will be served. 


Elaboration on Theme: "The Stranger":

Students are invited to address the theme of "The Stranger" in a poetic and meaningful way. 

Poems might address any of the following questions in any sort of poetic form and performance: 

Who is the Stranger? How should we treat them? Where does the familiar end andthe Stranger begin? How do we experience others and ourselves as strange and familiar? What is our responsibility towards the strange and familiar? What are our narratives of the strange/Stranger? What are our religous histories and obligations around the strange and Stranger?

Background: Immigration is a controversial topic in the upcoming US election.The Syrian refugee crisis is inviting intense political debate. There are more refugees in the world since the end of WWII. Jewish students, in particular, read about these issues through the Torah's command to honor and act towards theStranger. 

Elaboration on Requirement and Judging:

Students should be encouraged to be expressive in their performances and to explore both original and deeply personal affects, themes, memories, and questions of identity. 

Judges' rubrics will include categories for

1. comfort and elegance of presentation, 

2. creative interpretation of the topic and original thematic content, 

3. original use of language (diction, figurative language, poetic devices),

4. overall success at moving and inspiring the judges and audience. 

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